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From Miss to Wedded Bliss

30 Aug

Hi wedding bloggy beauties! I have been saying I would do this for a loooong time so here goes! Anyone who knows me knows I have been wedding planning obsessed for basically foreva…like way before my fiance even thought about proposing (lucky him, right?!). I have seen so much prettiness along the way, and wanted a place to pull all that is DIY, personalized, natural, lovey dovey and just plain old GORGeous together as I try to navigate my way “from miss to bliss.” ┬áConsidering I have been searching for this goodness for so long, please excuse my current lack of photo credits, promise I’ll be better about that as we move along! I have been trying so hard to “define” my wedding style; I find photos do a much better job than words for me. I keep a giant *lunatic* binder filled with all my inspiration pics (umm who doesn’t?…more on this later). So, to get rolling here are some of my favs for inspiration right now…