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DIY Project #1

28 Oct

I love love love personalization, especially when it comes to weddings! I think it is what makes or breaks a good wedding. Did you leave feeling like the event really reflected the couple and that they put their own touch on it? If the answer is yes, it’s pretty hard to have a bad time (open bar aside). So, I have chosen to DIY a LOT of our wedding projects! Like scary, I think I might have a panic attack clutching my hot glue gun at 3am kind of a lot. BUT I know it’s going to turn out gooorg (I’m a bit of a control freak perfectionist, great assests in a DIYer).  So, I am going to start sharing some of our projects with you!

First up is the bridesmaid invites I made for my lovely ladies! I did find this idea here, so don’t start thinking I’m some sort of paper craft genius! I did mine a little bit different than theirs, but I was really happy with how they turned out!

Here is what you need:

Roll of bulletin board paper. Card stock in the colors of your gals’ dresses. Card stock in the colors of their hair. Blank printable cards (with envelopes). Ribbon. Scissors. glue stick. pencil. markers. pen.

Here are some step by step photos…(please excuse the iPhone pics)



*Sorry I didn’t include a picture of the actual card on the bottom there; I don’t really want to be blasting all my wedding details on the internets. All it said was Will you be my bridesmaid? Then had a little wedding announcement with our names, the date and address of our venue and then a little personal note from me about how excited I am for them to share the day with me!*

Aren’t they just the cutest!?!  I waited a long time after getting engaged to ask my maids, so they were all totally surprised, which is a major plus!! I am not great at drawing but the girls were pretty simple to sketch. The worst of it all is cutting out those tiny little hair styles, but I think having them accurate to your girls makes it just that much cuter! This project can definitely be time consuming, but being a bridesmaid can be a big commitment, so you should start things off on the right foot by putting in the extra special effort for them! Plus, they are your best friends, so I am sure you love them and love the idea of them smiling when they open up something so totally adorable!


There’s a marriage at our wedding?!

18 Oct

The fiance and I are at that time in our lives when seemingly everyone around us is planning a wedding, in a wedding, getting engaged, plotting how to propose or plotting how to convince their significant other to “put a ring on it”.

This all means we have been to a ton of weddings recently and have a ton more coming up. With so much chatter about all the wedding details, which trust me I forreals love more than the next gal, it is crazy that at the end of all that partaay plannin that you are getting MARRIED! Say what?! You forgot about that part too??! Glad I’m not the only one! 😉 j/k…sort of…

We have been to a few weddings (and of course their accompanying kick booty receptions) that have helped me remember this…Everyone remember Hurricane Irene?!? We went to a wedding right smack in the middle of that crazy storm! In the days leading up to the wedding while everyone was out stocking up on water, batteries and essentials (obvs this includes wine and oreos) all I could think about was how upset I would be if a Hurricane was plowing through my gorgeous,  carefully planned, diy detail obsessed, breezy, vintage chic,  peach and navy blue wedding!! Seriously, I thought there could be nothing worse. Day of the wedding, we get a message saying the location of the ceremony had been moved from the church the couple had selected to their reception venue. While I was happy, as a guest, that we didn’t have to drive in the middle of the storm to get from ceremony to reception I couldn’t stop thinking of how a major change like that could feel for a bride! They ended up having the ceremony in the same room as the reception and had everyone sit at their dinner tables instead of the church pews. Then we all exited to a lobby area for the cocktail hour while they broke down the ceremony set up and got everything back together for the reception. The whole thing ended up being beautiful and we seriously tore up the dance floor all night! But I have to say, I am sure this is not exactly how the bride imagined her wedding ceremony. BUT you know what?? They still got MARRIED! Like who cares that it didn’t happen in some gorgeous church, or if the seating wasn’t as planned, or the most adorable little flower girls walked right past the little set up aisle. At the end of it they still got married, and none of the other nonsense even mattered! As someone who was deep in the planning trenches at the time, it was quite a smack in the face to put down my color swatch inspiration board and think about my upcoming MARRIAGE! So, now not only am I plaguing my future hubby with questions about whether he thinks garden roses are prettier than dahlias, but I am also taking the time to talk with him about the future of our married relationship. How are things going to change (beyond our facebook statuses) and how are we going to deal with different challenges? As excited as I am that I think we have the most perfect photographer in the world and the prettiest venue, I have been reminded that I am even more lucky because I have actually found someone really awesome to spend my life with.

(OK sappy I know, you can gag now….)