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Where Ya Been!?!

3 Feb

So I know it has been forever since I actually updated this. And OBVS you all are checking this all day  just waiting to read my every word. Ok, I think that only applies to my Mom, and even then my ego might still be over-inflated… So here is my triumphant return to blogging…sort of.

Anyways, I haven’t been writing because I have been actually DOING things for the wedding! Little known fact about wedding planning… planning, fantasizing, imagining, blog stalking, and pinning are all good and fabulous fun….actually making decisions and dealing with logistical details of planning a wedding is significantly less fun. With that said, I still super love weddings and can’t wait for ours. We are under the 5 month mark now and time is flying. (NOTE to SELF-might be a good idea to start that arm workout u’ve been “thinking” about since the day he jammed that rock onto your chubby little sausage finger)

SO what the heck have we gotten done?? Well we have set up our wedding website (props to the hubs-to-be on that one!), booked our hotel block, registered (we used Amazon its amaze, but more on that another time), bought supplies and started making custom table runners, finalized our guest list, designed our stations menu, had our menu tasting, had our cake tasting, designed our invitations, bought all supplies for DIYing the invites, finished collecting vintage bottles for our center pieces, had my first dress fitting, found outfit options for the mens, did the prelim flower selection, bought me some fab sparkly shoes

ANNNDD did this super fun and easy DIY project…. A  gold framed Chalkboard Seating Chart!

OK, I thought this was the most genius idea I’ve ever had, and NOW its all over like every gosh darned wed blog….sweet…anyways I still love it!

We found this creepy-ness at “Good Deals” a total junk shop in Wilmington, DE. I say junk shop with all love, because it is ridic and quirky and the the best for the most random finds!

We then bought some chalk board spray paint at Home Depot and went to town. It was pretty fun and took max 40mins (including the waiting time between coats). You’ll have to wait to see the real deal, but here are some similar ideas from the bloggy worlds

Cuteness right? Anyone with fab handwriting want to come write everyones names for me???