Beyond Pinspiration

19 Mar

By now, pretty much everyone ( ok more like every mid-20s to mid-30s
female) is addicted to pinterest. I know, I know me too! It is beyond
popular for wedding planning and inspiration, even among the
un-engaged and the already-married. Everyone making these gorgeous pin
boards of all their fabulous dream wedding details. It is all sorts of
pretty! I jumped into pinterest a little too late in my wedding
planning, so I had to previously find other sources of inspiration. I
am obsessed and in love with all of these sources, so if you are
engaged right now (or secretly/ not so secretly already planning sans
ring or even man for that matter) go on and check em out!

First up, this is really old school, but I am recommending an actual
paper and ink book! The Wedding Book. One of my bridesmaids and bestest friends used this book planning her wedding and gave me a copy as an engagement present. It has all the rules and answers to the etiquette questions, but also totally encourages you to throw the rules out the window.

Next is my wedding planning bible, my resource for all things pretty,
and the wedding blog gateway drug that led me to all the rest featured
here. If you don’t  look at this yet, get on it…. Style Me Pretty

For all things DIY including detailed how-to’s check out Wedding Bee

My new go to combines the pretty of gorgeous real wedding photos with
fab DIY templates Wedding Chicks. You can also follow them on pinterest if you can’t bear to tear yourself away.

If you like a slightly more hipster wedding check out Green Wedding Shoes

If you are Philly local check out The Fab Bride

Some other goodies to look into are Ruffled Bog, Snippet and Ink, 100 layer Cake, Grey Likes Weddings, and Once Wed

If you want to go the more traditional route Martha Stewart Weddings
is always great, and of course everyone knows about The Knot
Small word to the wise about the knot… If you are not yet engaged
but live with your significant other I do NOT suggest signing up for
this one! I made this mistake and suddenly started getting so many
wedding related mailings! I was racing home to throw them out
everyday, while my then boyfriend, who had already purchased my ring was doing the same thing because he was convinced the jeweler had sold our contact info! Haha getting postcards from DJs saying congrats on your engagement when you aren’t actually engaged can be a little awkward…

With all this beautiful photography floating around I would be crazy not to also mention our photographers’ blogs! For engagement photography we used Jeff Benzon Photography check out his website and blog. The day of our wedding will be captured by Mike Smith from Ash Imagery, check out his website and blog too! Good stuff!

Anyways, one more reason I love all these resources better than pinning… You can keep all your ideas to yourself!! You so sneakkkkyy! You know how pins spread like wildfire on there and suddenly that awesome little detail is so overdone!?! This way you can save the ideas yourself (I made separate folders for different aspects i.e. flowers, food, attire) and be a greedy little bride by not sharing them with your friends! Who wants to go to the same exact modern-succulent-chevron striped-grey and yellow wedding 5 times every season anyways?! Pick what you like and not what everyone else is being pin-spired by and the day will come to life!

Happy Planning 🙂


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