Wedding Detox

3 Oct

Well it has been over 3 months since our big day! And I can finally
talk about weddings again! As someone who was more obsessed with
wedding planning than is considered healthy, I needed a break. After
letting every spare inch of my mind be monopolized by to do lists and
timelines, I was literally disgusted by the sight of my planning
binder after the big day. For weeks after my wedding I actually
thought I might not like planning ever again. I literally overdosed on
wedding. I needed a detox. Slowly I remembered how to actually have a
conversation with my husband about something besides
chalkboard paint and RSVPs.

I rediscovered that I love cooking and even started reading actual books instead of wedding blogs.

Oh yeah, and I started to pump out some choreography, just in time since that
is my actual real life job!

It is amazing how much of my mind was crowded with wedding. The process is amazing and wonderful and once in a lifetime, but it’s also over so very quickly.
So here I am, starting fresh with a new sense of balance.  I am falling
back in love with weddings, but with more control. There are some
amazing weddings coming up in my life and I can’t wait to help plan
them! Plus I am working on some miss to bliss excitement! It’s good.
Trust. But all of this is coming from a new (less nutso) more balanced

…breathe in….breathe out…

Ok I know this is boring, but I had to get it out! I will get back to
more exciting wedding recaps,advice, inspiration and how to’s next
time! 🙂


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